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Katahdin Hair Sheep

Katahdin Hair Sheep are a new fixture for Y4 Ranch. I grew up on a commercial cattle and sheep ranch. Beef, Mutton and Lamb were a big part of our diet. Later in life I attempted to buy lamb or mutton at the grocery store. It was simply awful.  

On one of our trips to California we had dinner with Ruth Bleau and her family. Ruth told me we were having lamb for dinner from her Katahdin herd. It was wonderful, and had a slightly milder favor than the lamb which I grew up eating. During the wonderful meal, Ruth says, it really is not lamb, but an older ram which I had butchered. I was sold on Katahdin Sheep right then and there.

Two years later in 2018, I purchased my first three bred ewes from Ruth Bleau and I am excited for our first lamb crop. We don't plan to have a large flock of sheep but we do plan to sell a few lambs for butcher purposes. As we grow a bit, there will be Ewes and Rams for sale.